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ESG Report
SynTao has been writing high quality ESG rep-orts for listed companies for a long time. We launched the <Operation Manual of ESG report> based on HKEX's guidance, and compile <Industrial Disclosure Guidance> for each specific industry.
    Contents of ESG reports:

    Society: Education, Community, Product Security, Human Rights, Philanthropy, etc.

    Environment: Natural Resource Usage, Environmental Management, Pollutants, Emission, Prevention, etc.

    Economy: Profits, Alleviation, Growth Rate, Tax, Employees’ Salaries, etc.

    Social Environment: Environmental Equality, Natural Resource Management, Localization, Globalization, etc.

    Economic Society: Business Ethics, Fair Trade, Labor Rights.

    Economic Environment: Energy Efficiency and Subsidy, Technology Development of Environmental Protection, etc.
    SynTao has rich experience in assisting writing ESG reports. We have provided services to customers
    from various industries, including ICT, Real Estate, Energy, Finance, Food industry, etc.


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