520 Social Responsibility Day campaign in China



MAY 20th sounds like “I love you” in Chinese. In recent years, May 20th has been celebrated by

young people to express love to parents , friends and lovers. A several retailers will do

promotions from online to offline to meet the customers demand to buy gifts or prepare



However,on May 20th, 2017, Dr. Guo Peiyuan, SynTao's General Manager and another 13

experts made an appeal: A big and responsible power cannot make sense without a “Social

Responsibility Day”, a responsible society need such kind of ceremony for the whole nation very

much, and they proposed to set up a special day for it — 520 Social Responsibility Day.This

proposal has received wide attention from all walks of life. 100 experts cosigned to join and 10

institutions took the lead to respond to the proposal and form the advocacy committee of 520

Social Responsibility Day (“520 Advocacy Committee” for short).


Gradually to forge 520 into a public-accepted thematic day, the Advocacy Committee launched

520 Social Responsibility Day campaign. ” The main mode of the project is: Enterprises join in to

drive public participation through launching series of brand activities. The project is trying to

break through the barriers in front of the two tasks: improving the development of corporate

social responsibility and improving the social responsibility accomplishment of citizens. This

campaign aims to involve sense of responsibility participation as the national popular culture.



Brand the 520 campaign and output the IP projects under the campaign.

Enlarge the base group of the 520 advocacy.

Build cross-boundary dialogues and collaboration platform about the 520 social responsibility


Promote the capacity of enterprise in society advocacy.

Gain policy supports for set up the 520 social responsibility day .

Project cycle and Radiation range

Project cycle:

May 2017 — June 2018

May 20, 2018 — May 21 520 Social Responsibility Day Campaign


The campaign covers Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Maximum the leading advantage of the

local enterprises, driving wide participation.

 Linked with the NGO partners, local medias and we-medias to motivate the public

participation widely and deeply.

Expand the range of impact through part of the online activities.

  • Action on 520 Social Responsibility Day

National Action of 520: National Social Responsibility-Practicing Project

Enhancing public advocacy of enterprises, benchmarking to “The Earth Hour” to forge the project

with IP attribution. Create projects that can be applied in companies operating through broad

public collecting, discussing and summarizing of the advocacy committee and creative workshops.

Project promotion will be in the form of toolkit for enterprise, expand public participation

through market channels led by the enterprise.

  •  Enterprises Action of 520: Enterprise Social Advocacy Brand Campaign

To enhance public awareness of enterprise public projects, to sort out the original CSR projects of

the enterprises, to form distinctive public communication or social advocacy projects through

creative workshops and case consultation and to screen out them during the 520 campaign.

  • CSR communication of 520: the publication of corporate CSR reports

To enhance the impact of corporate CSR reporting, during the 520 we will provide a platform for

the enterprises to release CSR reports, taking the form of online and offline, sending the key

points and highlights of the reports to the public side through the 520 communication platform.