The 2019 CRO Global Summit will invite senior executives and experts from relevant industries to focus on sustainable business development and sustainable business practices, bringing professional insight, analysis and discussion.

At present, the concept of sustainability is being reshaped in the business world. The internal reason is that more enterprises realize that those actively implement the sustainable strategic model will perform better than those that only focus on short-term interests. The external reason is that nowadays more and more consumers are changing their value orientation, they prefer to choose products and enterprises that contribute to sustainable development or have a good reputation for sustainable development. This summit will discuss the changes and impacts of sustainability on future business from four dimensions: sustainable consumption, technology for good, targeted poverty alleviation and healthy China.


Peng Jilai   Partner of SynTao

Opening Speech
Wayne Silby

Chairman and Co-Founder of SynTao

Keynote Speech:Sustainable Business
Olivier Zehnder

Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai

Keynote Speech:Sustainable Business
Kari Niedfeldt -Thomas

Managing Director of CECP

Keynote Speech:Sustainable Consumption
Xu Yingting

Vice president of Communications of McDonald's

Keynote Speech:Sustainable Consumption
Feng Xin
Vice President of Downstream Business &

Corporate Development of Sateri Group

Keynote Speech:Technology for Good
Cheng Tao
Rotating President and

Board Member of IFLYTEK Co.,Ltd.

Panel Discussion:Healthy China
Moderator:LangHua Partner of SynTao
Hong Zonghua
Senior Director of Corporate Affairs &
Corporate Social Responsibilities, China Herbalife Nutrition
Yuan Boyong
Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility and

 Brand Management Development, Bayer Group Greater China

Keynote Speech:Global Practice of 
Sustainable Development and Social Innovation

Maria Trindade
Global Network Development Director

at Impact Hub Network

HiESG Management System Release
Liu Tao
Partner and Vice General Manager of Syn Tao
Zhang Guofang

General Manager of Shanghai Xintuo Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Panel Discussion:Precision Poverty Alleviation
Moderator:Li Yuwen Partner of SynTao
Huang Bo
Vice General Manager of National Business Daily,
General Manager of Shanghai Center
Ning Jie
Brand Director of Pingan Puhui,
Director of Inclusive Finance Research Centre
Feng Feixing
Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Geely
Zheng Bodong

Vice President of Ergeng Media

2019 Top Ten CSR Trends Release

Guo Peiyuan    General Manager of SynTao

2019 520 Social Responsibility Day Plan Release

Lv Xiujuan    Marketing Director of SynTao

2019 Chief Responsible Officer Plan Release
Huang Bo
Vice General Manager of National Business Daily,

General Manager of Shanghai Center

Future Night
Social Innovation  Party

TIME: 18:30-21:00

Opening Speech
Fei Xiaojing

Co-founder and CEO of Impact Hub Shanghai

Future Society—
U. Lab's future social operating system

Xu Lili   China Partner of MIT×U Lab

Future Business—
P.E.T. Good business creates a beautiful world

Zhao Wenjin   Founder and CEO of P.E.T.

Future Technology—
2050, let young people reunite because of technology
Xia Jing

Vice President of Blockshine Technology,

Volunteer of 2050

Future Life—
Coral: Defining a sustainable lifestyle at your fingertips
Xi Rui
   President of MAR GROUP