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The 2019 CRO Global Summit will invite senior executives and experts from relevant industries to focus on sustainable business development and sustainable business practices, bringing professional insight, analysis and discussion. 

At present, the concept of sustainability is being reshaped in the business world. The internal reason is that more enterprises realize that those actively implement the sustainable strategic model will perform better than those that only focus on short-term interests. The external reason is that nowadays more and more consumers are changing their value orientation, they prefer to choose products and enterprises that contribute to sustainable development or have a good reputation for sustainable development. This summit will discuss the changes and impacts of sustainability on future business from four dimensions: sustainable consumption, technology for good, targeted poverty alleviation and healthy China.

Four Topics

Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable consumption and production aim at reducing consumption, increasing quantity, and improving quality”, that is, to increase net welfare gains of economic activities by reducing resource consumption, environmental degradation and pollution throughout the life cycle while improving the quality of life. Unilever is applying sustainable certification for its cleaning product materials, such as palm oil. There is a trend of sustainable development from raw material to packaging, from supply chain to consumption mode. Sustainable consumption is an important assistant and responsibility embodiment of enterprises participating in global sustainable development and shape sustainable commerce. In the future, business world, sustainable consumption is bound to become an important indicator of brand building and profitability sustaining.

Technology for Good 

In the era of booming technology, it's common to combine technology with commerce. While new trends are emerging, the application of technology in social and environmental fields has created new business.For example, Ant Forest, a carbon trading community with 350 million people participate in, can transform simple online energy collection into more than 50 million green plants in Alashan desert area, and the public can protect nearly 40,000 mu of land for China with one finger, thus greatly reducing China's carbon dioxide emissions; from Baby GO Home, Face recognition technology, to Microsoft Xiaobing's cloud library, and to Xinjiang's remote video teaching project, Microsoft continues to apply artificial intelligence technology to the development of social undertakings.The real power of science and technology lies not only in science and technology itself, but also in the benign change of society.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

From e-commerce poverty alleviation, photovoltaic poverty alleviation, financial poverty alleviation, migration poverty alleviation to education poverty alleviation and cultural poverty alleviation, many enterprises used their advantages to participate in rural community development. On one hand, enterprises used their advantages to cultivate local employment skills to solve the problems fundamentally. On the other hand, enterprises build partnerships and dimensional poverty alleviation model to find the actual needs of rural community development, and promote problem solving. To achieve the goal of ending poverty by 2020, enterprises need to share experiences and practices, seek collaborative space, build a dimensional poverty alleviation model, achieve more solid and effective poverty alleviation achievements in the sprint stage, effectively implement social responsibility, and give full play to the advantages of enterprises.

Healthy China

Health is the foundation of development and prosperity for everyone, every family and even the whole society. One of the 2030 UN sustainable development goals is good health and well-being. It symbolizes human beings to pursuit a better living condition. From production to sales, green food to sports and fitness, new opportunities for the development of the health industry win the trust of consumers, and differentiate from competitors. The summit gathered innovative entrepreneurs of health industry to discuss the new trend of sustainable development of China's health industry in the future. 

In addition to the promotion of sustainable strategy, more and more enterprises are focusing on local consumption, health, science and technology, poverty alleviation and other issues in a way of social innovation, supporting start-up projects with a sense of science and technology, innovative spirit and positive social impact, providing funds and resources for Chinese young entrepreneurs, to jointly promote sustainable development. The summit adds the "Night of the Future" section, focusing on social innovation, to build a platform for dialogue and exchanges between enterprises and young entrepreneurs, with the view to jointly promote the development of the industry.

Night of the Future

Night of the Future will be the theme of the “Social Innovation” of the CRO Summit, gathering representatives from enterprises and Youth Innovation organizations, sharing enterprises' support for social innovation projects, social insights for young entrepreneurs, communicating and discussing social innovation issues in a relaxed and pleasant manner, and promoting cross-border cooperation.



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Date:17th Jan,2019

Location:Shanghai · China

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