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SynTao Co., Ltd., is the leading independent consultancy in China promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR), socially responsible investment (SRI), and corporate culture. With the global vision and localization practice, we are committed to work together with our customers to develop and implement sustainable development solutions. While gaining competitive advantages, we also create shared value for the community. Now we have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Washington D.C
Note: Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) is SynTao Green Finance’s business

SynTao Logo implication:


Syn is one of the root of English which means common and same, also contains the meaning of cooperation. Tao refers to Chinese Taonism, expressing the meaning that human in a highly harmony with nature. Syn and Tao combine to form SynTao, which implies working together with all stakeholders to promote sustainable development”.

We provide superb sustainable development service

  1. Vision:

    A happy place for a happy world

  2. Mission:

    provide superb sustainable development solutions

  3. Value:

    Harmony Profession Collaboration

  4. Idea:

    Responsibility creates value

Our Advantages

  1. Professional consultants focus on corporate social responsibility report and sustainable development.
  2. Member of Green Finance Committee of China Society
  3. First GRI certified training partner in China
  4. Partner with International Business Leader forum(IBLF)
  5. Member of UNEP Finance Initiative
  6. The only strategic partner with CECP, the world's leading CEO alliance, in China.
  7. General Manager Dr. Guo Peiyuan is the consultant for UNEP FI in China.
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        SynTao Green Finance is a leading consultancy providing professional services in green finance and responsible investment in China. We provide consulting and researching services in responsible investment, ESG data, green bond verification, and other green finance areas. SynTao Green Finance initiated China Social Investment Forum (China SIF), contributing to a responsible capital market in China.
        SynTao Ascent was founded by SynTao and Ascent Partners Group in April 2016.
SynTao Acsent is devoted providing high quality corporate social responsibility consulting service for the listed companies. SynTao Acsent especially focus on ESG reports to fit in with revised ESG report guidelines issued by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) in December 2015. SynTao Ascent will establish a prominent corporate image by learning from the rich experience of SynTao and Ascent Partners Group and combining the management experience, financial ability and SynTao’ s achievement in sustainable development and environmental consulting.


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Established in Beijing in 2005, SynTao has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Washington D.C

Beijing headquarters
Address: Room 1602, South tower, SOHO shangdu, No.8 east bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing(100020)
Phone: +86 10 58699465/66/67/0509
Fax: +86 1058699466 to 8011

Shanghai office
Address: 20G, Qianjiang building, 971 Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Phone: +86 21 68956115/68956118

Guangzhou office
Address: Room 2405 , Guangdong foreign trade and economic building, No. 351 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (510620)
Phone: +86 20 84017859

Chengdu office
Address: Room 576, Block C, Meinian Square, No. 1388 Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue , Chengdu (610041)
Phone:+86 28 85328796